Thanks again for being part of the Daily TV Mass prayer circle.
We appreciate your prayerful support!
This September we welcome back Msgr. Robert Nusca to our list of celebrants!
Members of our community have inquired about him and we are truly blessed to have him
return to the Daily TV Mass.
This month’s prayer is the Prayer to St. Michael. Many participants have asked for the Prayer of St. Michael to be included during mass, however there is just not enough time given our 29-minute time restraint.
Listen to the Prayer of St. Michael
For the month of September our prayer intention is:
For all of those in the Daily TV Mass community who are dedicated to the care of the sick. May they receive the grace to continue their ministry of compassion and caring with hope and joy.
We pray to the Lord
We continue to pray for you and ask you to pray for all in the Daily TV Mass community,
our priests and all who work so hard to bring our to the faithful.
God Bless,
 Deacon Mike Walsh
Download Prayer Card of St. Michael