We are praying for you!

Thank you for being part of our prayer circle and for continuing to pray for our growing community, the prayer for the month is:


Holy Family, bless and protect all the families of the world; safeguard their unity, fidelity, integrity and dignity.

Enable them to live according to God’s law that they may fulfill their vocation.

May their lives be a reflection of yours and may they enjoy your presence forever in heaven. Amen.

Listen to the prayer HERE

Our Lenten journey begins this month with Ash Wednesday on February 14th. Once again, we will offer an online Lenten Reflection Series throughout the forty days of Lent. It will be available on our website www.dailytvmass.com.

This February our mass prayer intention is:

This month, dedicated to the Holy Family, we ask in our community prayer that all those in our families who are suffering in mind, body, or spirit may find relief and healing through our heavenly Father.  We pray to the Lord

Our viewers mass is on February 24th – we pray for all those in our community, who support us through prayer and donations – we could not do it without you!

God bless,

Deacon Mike