This year the Daily TV Mass Community prays for vocations from May 6 through May 12. Each Daily TV Mass during this  week will reflect on the call to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life.

Will you make a special effort to ask the Lord for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life?

  • Pray for the priests who have ministered to you throughout your life, both living and dead.
  • Keep our parish priests in your prayers throughout the week.
  • Encourage your children, grandchildren, or other young people to consider a vocation as a priest or religious brother or sister.
  • Pray a rosary for more young men and women in our diocese to respond to God’s call.



O Mary, who raised your Divine Son with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, intercede for all young people, especially those clouded by doubt about their vocations. 

May the light of grace pierce their hearts so they may answer your Son’s call, especially those whom He is inviting to the priesthood and consecrated life.