Join us for the Sunday TV Mass

The National Catholic Broadcasting Council in partnership with the Archdiocese of Toronto  are please to announce the Sunday TV Mass will now be available to a Catholics across Canada and around the world  starting September 2nd.

The Sunday TV Mass will come from the Loretto Abbey Chapel. It will be available on a number of channels across Canada. Click on the name of the network below to find out more about the channel in your area.

VisionTV:  Across Canada at 8 AM Eastern Time

JoyTV:      Across Canada at 10 AM Eastern Time

HopeTV :  Across Canada at 2:30 PM Eastern Time

yesTV:       In Ontario at 10:30 AM Eastern Time

yesTV:        In Alberta at 10:30 am Mountain Time

The Sunday TV Mass and the Daily TV Mass are also available anytime on our website, YouTube Channel or Facebook page.

Please click here to send us an e-mail with your questions or comments and we look forward to sharing the Sunday TV Mass as a community of the faithful.