During his homily on March 27 Father Michael Coutts S.J. offered us this poem.

Ode to Corona Virus

I wonder who conferred on you

The Latin title of a ‘crown’!

Crown of thorns you sure have been

To much of Mankind,

In cruel irony!

Our hearts go out to those

Laid low by you

In one fell swoop!

The flip side of the coin

Is that you have proved to be

A blessing in disguise!

We tend to forget the adage

That “sceptre and crown

Must tumble down

And in the dust be equal made

With the poor crooked scythe and the spade”!

Your predations have jolted us

Into our senses….sadly and solemnly!

We imagine ourselves to be

Lords of all we survey,

When the least little virus

Can demolish our dreams,

Strategies and machinations overnight!

We owe you thanks

For halting us in our tracks,

To take stock of where we stand

In regard to each other,

Our common habitat and destiny,

Which otherwise we consign to oblivion

In our push for wealth and power….

We hope the bitter lesson you have taught us

Cures us  of our blinkered vision

Once for all….!