“The devotion to the memory of the dead is one of the most beautiful expressions of the Catholic spirit.”

– Pope St. John XXIII

The Catholic Church dedicates the entire month of NOVEMBER to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Prayers for the faithful departed pleases God, who makes use of our prayers to help purify these souls that He loves. It is an act of charity that we can give for those we have known and loved and for those who have no one else to pray for them.

Please enter the name of the deceased person you would like to have included in our ‘Book of Remembrance’. At each mass in the month of NOVEMBER the celebrant will offer an intention  “for all of those mentioned in our Book of Remembrance” during the Prayers of the Faithful.

Book of

  • Sainah Esther Ador, Peter Kuiming, Marvin Peter, Shelter Elvenstein, Menson Rusipin.

    May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

  • Sainah Esther Ador, Peter Kuiming, Marvin Peter, Shelter Elvenstein, Menson Rusipin.

    May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

  • Sainah Esther Ador, Peter Kuiming, Marvin Peter, Shelter Elvenstein, Menson Rusipin.

    May their souls rest in peace.

  • Family members

    Also the Catholic Teachers who were colleagues.

  • James Khabongo

    Kindly Pray for the soil of my departed father

  • Chime Salt Amechina

    May his gentle soul Rest In perfect peace Amen.


    For the repose of their gentle souls. Grant them eternal rest oh Lord, and free them from purgatory as we praise yr name

  • For the eternal repose of their souls.

  • Paula Leonor/ Victorino Leonor/Esperanza Paguia/Celsa Pasco/Pilar de Guzman/Danilo Dizon/Maria Bombales/Alfredo Bombales/Remigio Pasco Sr. & Jr./

    May thel all rest in peace and enter
    God's kingdom.

    Heal me of my sickness and those of my family and loved ones.

  • Rolando Camota Potestades, Eduardo Alpay Potestades, Sr., Dominga Camota Potestades, Felisa Encallado Camota, Nicanor Camota, all the souls in the porgatory and for the souls of the unborn children.

    May the Lord forgive their sins and bring them to everlasting life thru the passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Michael Recker

    Rest in the grace of the Lord until he comes again

  • Diosdado Delasa, Angela & Ciriaco Corpuz, Tjay Corpuz, Simplicio & Maria Delasa,

    Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and Let Your perpetual lught shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen

  • Edwin odiobulu

    May God grant his soul enternal rest

  • Barbara & Joseph Seevaratnam

    Pray for the healing of Feelix. May the merciful lord cure him from his physical disability.
    Thank you lord.

  • mr fernley tremblett

    my father was a good person may he rest in peace.. he is missed

  • William, Annie and John Borys and other departed members of my family.

    May their souls rest in peace.

  • Pray for my mother who passed away Oct. 26,2018. May her soul and faithful departed RIP. AMEN

  • Edward Malone

    Rest in peace with the Lord.

  • Domingo labsan Sr. Erlinda Labsan Norman Labsan April Ann Labsan

    Good health guidance and protection of my Family. Give me courage and strenght and confidence. Amen

  • William Patrick Kilfoil

    William Kilfoil was my father. He passed away 22 years ago.
    Thank you.
    Anne Kilfoil

  • Anna Gallagher Kilfoil

    Anna Kilfoil is my mother. She watched the daily TV mass every day. She passed away this summer, July 19th.

  • Simeon & Milagros Hernandez

    For the forgotten souls in purgatory

  • Maria Julita Cuzzamu
  • Joseph & Margaret Deveau
  • Jesus Orencia, Felisa Orencia, Benedicto Orencia, Leandro Orencia, Reynato Lozada, Fortunato Pansacola, Dante Llego, Merly Eseo, Remo Lozada

    For the eternal repose and peace of the souls of our departed.

  • Nazario G. Fernandez, Ma. Rita V. Fernandez, Reynaldo G. Elmido

    May their souls rest in peace in God's presence and glory



  • lorenzo,ana,nenita,ambrosio,monica,william.michael,george,laureana,lucio,amadeo,avelina,jennifer,aries,henry,gregorio,simeon,alejandro,victor,victorino,marcus gabriel,fredezvinda,crispin,gloria
  • BernardinoSr.Gertrudes,BernardinoJr.

    Prayer for their eternal peace in heaven with the Almighty God

  • Napoleon, Percival, Agnes,

    For the souls of Raphael, Lucas, Brigida, Constancio, Arturo, Maria Cristina, Gerardo, Norberto, Emmanuel, Brigida,

  • Oliver, Therese Angeli, Baltazar Sr., Tomasa, Cristina, Edgardo, Calixta, Blesilda, Concepcion, Felicidad, Pedro Sr., Pedro Jr., Cristina, Florencio, Lourdes, zoilo

    May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in God's eternal peace.

  • Sir Joseph Oridota

    Rest in peace

  • Edgar Pangilinan, Tomas Panigilinan, Asunsion A. Torres, Vicente Torres, Vicente Reyes, Marcelo Pangilinan, Simeona and Marina and souls in purgatory

    May they Rest In Peace and perpetual light shine upon them.

  • Gerry Knight

    May you Rest In Peace. I will pray for your family and friends. Amen

  • Jim Heard (Brother-in-law)

    May he rest in peace and may his family find strength at this difficult time.

  • Barbara Beckles

    For the repose of deceased members of the Noel family in Trinidad. Also for my sister, Carole Merchant who passed away

  • Death intention

  • Alfredo Sanedrin Sr, Amanda Sanedrin, Alfredo Sanedrin Jr, Salvacion Sanedrin, Amelia Alcazar, Luz Ramas &Vicente Fabre, Angelita Malonzo, Crispina Poserio, Antonio Sanedrin, Lawrence Tierney Sr

    That God in his mercy may grant them eternal rest

  • Emilio, Mariquita. Zenaida. Bruno. Edne. Jacinto. Norma. Victorino. Benjamin. Concordia. Romeo. Rodolfo. Rafael

    prayers for the souls

  • annie mary and john callaghan

    please pray for their souls and of family and friends and all the faithful departed.

  • alodia,rufina,inocencio,godofredo,danny,bebot,pacit,danilo

    eternal peace grant unto them oh Lord..

  • Bernardino Sr. and Gertrudes,BernardinoJr.,Neil,Francisco and the rest of my departed family

    Please pray for their souls to rest in Eternal peace with God Almighty

  • Diego, Ben, iya, tatay carding, and all souls in purgatory

    Please pray for the approval of my son joseph promotion, and also for my daughter Roan promotion and my youngest son

  • All of Barry and the Chipman families

    That the souls of all our family members are resting in Gods holy love light and peace until our Lord returns! Love you!

  • Bernardina Nicolas Camilo Lowella Alejandra

    May they rest in peace and May our Lord Jesus Christ give them an eternal life.

  • Francis, and all relatives

    Eternal rest to all, and for all souls abandoned and in most need of prayers.x

  • Michelle Hrbek, Uncle Francis Machacek, Grandma and Grandpa Machacek

    rest in peace

  • Jimmy,Pauline,Louis,Mary,Alex,Marianne,Joseph,Joe,Tony,Charlie,Victor,Peter,Domnick, Marcella,Mario,Alice,Doris,Connie,Johnny,Jacques,Domnik M.,Ronnie,Florence

    For their Soul and those that I have forgotten to put down.
    May they all Rest In Peace

  • Richard K Greyeyes, Georgina Greyeyes
  • David G Greyeyes-Steele, Flora J Greyeyes-Steele, Jason David Peter Greyeyes

    Pray for the souls of my parents and nephew.





  • Rita Deguara

    For the repose soul of

  • Jones and Keba family members

    May you rest in the arms aof the Lord

  • Norman Jones

    For the eternal rest in heaven of our dearly departed, and for those who have no one to pray for them.

  • The Kirk & Hartle families

    May they all Rest in Peace

  • Glicerio & Gregoria Mirano, Jose and Rufina Estanislao, Eleuterio & Enriqueta Reyes, Eusebio & Evangelina Concepcion, Ernesto & Fe Estanislao, Ceferino Mirano, Joselito M. Estanislao, Gregoria Ilagan, and all the poor souls in purgatory and for the souls who have no one to pray for them.

    May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace, Amen.

  • Please pray for
    the departed members of my mother and fathers family. May they all be home with Jesus.

  • Gino Sonsino

    May he Rest In Peace. My prayers for his family. He left us too soon.

  • Victor Joseph Ferraris, Steve Ferraris

    Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

  • Annamma Iype Cyriac

    For saving souls in puragatory

  • Tony Van Kessel, Johanna Van Kessel, Andre Van Kessel, Barb Van Kessel, Chris Fretter

    May they rest in peace with the Lord

  • Jon Golding

    Pray for his soul in heaven

  • Lillian Cooper

    On all Souls Dayprayfor my mother who passed away Sept19,2009.

  • Alexander James Fernandez

    Please pray for the soul of my Father on behalf of my mother, sister, brother and myself. Thank you very much.

  • Maximo Arradaza, Soledad Arradaza, Nicanor Nanta and Rosita Nanta

    For the eternal repose of their souls.

  • Francis Henriques

    Eternal rest grant unto his soul oh lord, may his soul rest in peace. Amen

  • Maureen Gonsalves

    Eternal rest grant unto her soul oh lord, may her soul rest in peace. Amen

  • Bernard Joseph Sanfrancis

    For the Soul of my Daddy - Bernard Joseph Sanfrancis, that God in His great Mercy and Compassion may grant His soul ete

  • Julia and Helen Seifert

    Help me feel closer to God and Jesus.

  • Venancio, tranquilina

    For the eternal repose of the souls of Venancio and Tranquilina..may they be in the company of our Lord, all the angels

  • Epitacio and Evangelina Alarcon

    May their souls as well as all the souls in purgatory rest in peace as they experience the warm embrace of Our Lord.

  • Blythe, Karl, Beer and Goetz families

    May their souls be resting in Heaven with Our Lord.

  • Ervin Paolo

    Eternal rest & accept the soul of my son, my Lord. Amen.

  • Oscar, Thelma, Renato, Lani, Marissa and Vanessa.

    For the souls of my departed family.

  • Clarence Markham

    For the repose of the soul of Clarence

  • Yvonne Rampersaud, Joseph Appiah, Chandra Appiah, Mr and Mrs Hubert Appiah, Mr and Mrs Feddy Gobin, Doreen Bahadur, Mohanlall Rustum, Desiree, Tom and Elizabeth Copps, Julie Wong, James Mangar, Yusuf Patel, Steve Goller, Elton Garrett, Margatet, Donald Hudson, Ganesh Hemraj, Kenn Shah, Zena Mohamed,

    Please pray for the deceased souls of our family and friends and all those who have no one to pray for them.

  • Danilo Maningas,Dominador & Rosa Santos, Romeo Santos, Melencio,Blandina,Rizalino,& Rberto Maningas

    May they rest in peace in the kingdom of God. Be mecuful to them.

  • Rosaida Ibo

    Please pray for the soul of my mother Rosaida ibo and all those souls in the purgatory and souls that need prayers.

  • ma.lourdes, roberto, aida,

    Prayers for the souls
    Healing of the body/physical
    Prayer for my departed relatives

  • Alex & Thelma Pottie & their children, Boxer,Bob,Betty Anne, Mary Anne & Michael

    May their souls & all the souls of the faithful departed Rest In Peace, Amen!

  • Rev. Charles B. Murphy, s.f.m. & Rev. Louis P. Murphy, pp

    May their souls and the all the souls of the faithful departed RIP, Amen! May God bless their good & faithful service!

  • Angel, Carlita, segundina, Domingo, victorio, filemon, Lourdes, Roberto, Josie, Angie, loreta, segundina

    To pray for their soul.

  • Robert, Patricia, Kathleen & Joseph Ryan

    May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, Rest In Peace, Amen!

  • Jack and Catherine Whelan, Bill Kerr, Peter Whelan, Paul Whelan

    Pray for our deceased relatives

  • Simeon/quiteria

    for the salvation of the souls of my ancestors, relatives, friends, schoolmates, teachers & all souls still in 4ga2ry


    For the soul of our departed loved ones

  • Leonardo G. Ramos, Fernando Dino, Antonio Dino, Rosa Rodriguez, Sis Lourdes, Sis Necifora, Pedro Estopa, Felipe Estopa, Adone Anthony Tubiera

    For the eternal repose of all the souls in purgatory and the departed members of Ramos and Dino family

  • Évariste Bastarache, Rose-Marie Cormier, Ralph Allain, Daniel & Sarah Girouard, Pierre & Marianne Allain, Pères Camille Vautour, Alban Albert, Donat Chiasson, Yvon LeBlanc, Sylvio Doiron, Romuald LeBel, Morandr

    Pour la grâce d'une bonne mort

  • Flaviano b briones, maria z zaraspe, catalina b briones, pedro briones

    For the soul of our departed

  • Mary Agnes Karpes

    pray for her soul RIP and for her Family

  • Rita Rohel, Auguste Rohel, and Delima Blandin

    For the eternal repose of the faithful departed, so that they may see the light of God. Cleansed in our saviour's blood.

  • Louie D'Silva

    Please pray for the soul of my dearest mum who died on this day, 6 years ago

  • Juanila

    Please pray that my Mum is enjoying her eternal life with God and all the saints in heaven.

  • Rosario

    Pray for my Dad that he is enjoying eternal life with Jesus, Mary and all the saints in heaven

  • Mark Anthony Culata

    Pray that justice be served to my son Mark Anthony Culata who was brutally murdered by man in uniform 2/years ago.

  • Albert Pioli

    May he be in heaven with his Lord and Savior and released from the bonds of Purgatory.

  • Members of the Kilfoy ,Farrell ,Manning and Duffy Families

    May They Rest In Peace Amen

  • Mary , Pat ,Danny Donovan Marion,Gordon ,Peter Mcnamee

    Please pray for the living and deceased members of the Donovan and McNamee family. Anyone with health,family issues

  • Filomena/Herminigildo Sr./ Vincent Lamug and Pablo Dumlao

    Prayers for the faithful departed rest in peace.

    Thank you.

  • Mary and Pat Donovan
  • Jasmine Mae R. Reyes

    For the eternal peace of soul of my daughter.

  • Paulino, Oliva, Pedro , Pedro Fernandez, Sofia, Lidia, Consuelo, Sofia, Maximo, Eulalia, Filiberto, Paulino

    May the souls of Paulino, Oliva, Pedro , Pedro Fernandez, Sofia, Lidia, Consuelo, Sofia, Maximo, Eulalia, Filiberto, Pau

  • Rey David and Reynaldo Carlos; Gertrudes.Cesar and Darius Desiderio

    For the repose of their souls

  • Paulina gervacio mamerto gervacio jose ramirez florentino baribe cornelio gervacio eustaqiua gervacio bitoy pica ale

  • Evangelina,Donald,Dorotea,Ramon,Dominador,Sr.Herminia

    Please pray for the my departed relatives mentioned and for the poor souls in purgatory to attain heavenly rest

  • Luis, Modesta, Coleta, Pedro, Rosa, Medardo, Jose, Jesus, Mario, Salvador, Eusebia, Aurelio, Noel, Alvin, Maricel, Basilisa, Valentina, Pido, and the pour souls in the purgatory
  • Silvino T. Cagampan

    Pacita D. Cagampan
    Angel France Abrogar
    Lourdes , Pastora , Florentino Cagampan
    Leonardo Deramas. Primitiva Duka

  • For my dearly departed parents and relatives

    For the conversion of those who do not know GOD. for enlightenment of those confused with their Faith.

  • Allison, Lee, Marjorie, Bernard and all family members

    Please pray for the deceaced souls of our family , friends and all those in Purgatory

  • Ireneo diaz and elena diazeternal repose

    Eternal repose of their souls

  • Antonio

    May the Good Lord have mercy on my father's soul, Antonio. And may the gates of heaven open for him to live w/ Jesus.

  • Donato

  • James Vaz. Monica Vaz. Everett Dcosta Ann Distance Aubrey Dcosta

    For the souls of the departed

  • Manuela, romeo,sabas,lyon sabino,agripina,paulita,ilona

  • Rogelio Santos,Rodolfo,Marina & Jose Yoingco,Bernardo & Olivia Parulan

    May their souls & all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace..amen

  • Keith Allen A. Villanueva

    May he had the complete peacefulness of his soul..may he be with our Lord always...

  • Valentin, Esperidion, Perpetua,Venancia, Erdelinda,Celestino, Matilde, Victor, Lucila, Marina, Rodrigo, Lourdes Edwin, Phoebe, Jose, Daniel, Elsie, Leonardo, Rafael, Edilberto, Emiliana, Ludovico, Isabel, Pedro, Rosa, Teofila, Carmen, Raul, Lora, Lerma , Rolly , Cindy, Antonio Jr, Antonio Sr , Ruditha, Natividad, Manuel, Crispino, Jacqueline, Nelyn, Ricardo, Nestor, Felixberto ,Tirso Sr, Primitiva, Francisco

    For their eternal repose

  • Servilla Loquias
  • Oscar Quilas, Aurora Dalogaog,Eduardo Saveron,Mamerto and Marciana Gonzalez, Rosanna

    And also pray complete release of souls in Purgatory of the Quilas and Gonzalez family tree and departed friends.

  • Aurora & Artemio

    Eternal repose of their souls

  • Emiliano, Leonora, John, Luz Andaya and Aproniano Berdos. And all the dead of the Lamadrid-

    For the eternal repose of the souls of the dead of the Lamadrid-Andaya-Polistico families. May they rest in peace, Amen.

  • Nadya Giusi

    Prayer for her family and friends during this difficult time. Prayers of comfort and caring, love and peace.

  • Teodoro ,Catalina,Francisco justa francisco patrmonio,Ricardo,Felix Angelina Cesar,efefanio,Orlando,teresita,Alfredo,

  • Kapunan & Ablang families

    Be merciful to them, O Lord!

  • Georgette Kelly, Benedict, Mabel, Lorain, and Elaine Kelly.

    Please pray for my wife Georgette and my parents and siblings. Thank you and may God always bless you.

  • Crescentia Ngara, Petronilla Ngara ,Moses Maposa and Tendai Dzvuke

    May their souls continue to rest in peace.

  • mario sorrosa

    please pray for the soul of my husband.

  • Candida SD Garcia, Constancio Garcia, Jaime Garcia, Leonor , Maria, Valeriano Sto Domingo..

    May the souls of our faithful departed and the Holy souls in Purgatory be united with God in Heaven.

  • Dinisio Templa
    Iluminada templa
    Maurino Templa
    Herminigilda Templa
    Numeriano Templa
    Edlberta Templa
    Gloria Mahistra

  • Daniel Breitkreutz

    Could you pray for my Dad Daniel
    Who just past away
    Make sure he is with Jesus.

  • Daniel E. Rayala I I

    For the repose souls of all my love ones and all the holy souls in purgatory...

  • Patrick, Jerome, salis Ayegba, Simon Ameh, Joseph Ekere,Ochuko Felix, aborted babies and all the soul in purgatory

    Praying that God will receive their souls

  • Bernard Otieno Obel, Eudes Mbiro Migisi, Phillip Joseph Migisi, Sabina Gesare Onuonga and Luca Onuonga

    pray for my parents; grandparents and my fiancé and for all souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them.

  • Mr. S.C.S Fernandes

    Please pray for the soul of my daddy.

  • Souls in pergatory

    Pray for souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them


    May their souls and souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. AMEN

  • Deceased members of the McNamara and Mitchell families and their families.

    Please add all those who have nobody to pray for them.
    Thank you

  • Chief Dominic ezeobaji okafor,st Hilary,aunty Nkiru and any souls i don't remember

    Grant them mercy,ooo merciful father that they may take part in your heavenly kingdom

  • Fernandes Family

    Please pray for all the deceased members of my family. May their souls rest in peace. Amen

  • Rosie and Francis Fernandes

    Please pray for my late parents.

  • Almeida, D'souza, Fernandes, Rodrigues, Lobo, Rishi Families. Poor souls in purgatory, those who have no one to pray for them, all the forgotten souls and unborn children

    Almeida, D'souza, Fernandes, Rodrigues, Lobo, Rishi Families. Poor souls in purgatory, those who have no one to pray

  • Dimech Family

    Please pray for the members of my father’s family.

  • Azzilla Family

    Please pray for the members of my mother’s family.

  • Lorenza & Guiseppi Dimech

    Please pray for my paternal grandparents.

  • Paulo & Giuseppa Azzilla

    Please pray for my maternal grandparents.

  • Richard Dimech

    Please pray for my late father.

  • Joseph Pitts