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The viewers of the Daily TV Mass have been generous over the years remembering the National Catholic Broadcasting Council (NCBC) as a part of their estate which creates a legacy that lives on and ensures the Daily TV Mass is available to tens of thousands of the faithful each day.

When planning your will, it’s important to decide your personal goals and the needs of your beneficiaries. Once decided, a bequest in your will is one of the easiest ways to make a legacy gift to ensure the Daily TV Mass continues.

You can also include language that asks the NCBC to schedule a Mass or Masses in your memory or you can decide to leave the bequest for the NCBC to use to support its on-going work.

Charitable Bequests can take many forms and often consist of cash, real property and/or securities like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


Residual Bequests

Name the National Catholic Broadcasting Council (NCBC) as the beneficiary of all, or a percentage of your estate after all debts, taxes, administrative expenses and specific/legacies bequests have been paid. Because this type of gift leaves a percentage rather than a fixed amount to the NCBC, inflation will not reduce the value of your gift.


Contingent Bequests

Take effect when you name the National Catholic Broadcasting Council as an alternate beneficiary. Your gift is given to the NCBC only if other beneficiaries in your will pass away before your passing.


General/Legacy Bequests

Designate an exact dollar amount, percentage or particular asset, such as the stock of a certain company, to be donated to the NCBC.


Specific Legacy Mass(es) Bequest (Sponsorship per Mass is $2,700 as of September 2016)

If you would like to have a Mass or a series of Masses said for your intentions, you can indicate that as part of your bequest.

Many times individuals request to have a Mass(es) said on a specific date(s). Masses are pre-booked months in advance so the requested dates are not always available. The current cost to be a Sole Sponsor of a Mass is $2,700. While this rate has been constant for several years it may change in the future.

Therefore, the more open a Specific Legacy Mass Bequest is the easier it will be to schedule the Mass with your Executor. We do everything we can to make sure your wishes are met.

National Catholic Broadcasting Information:
Legal Name: National Catholic Broadcasting Council (NCBC)
Address: 5762 Hwy 7 East, PO Box 54035, Markham, Ontario L3P 7Y4
NCBC is a Canadian Registered Charity BN: 870443249RR0001

Note: This material provides general information and is not intended to constitute or replace specific professional advice. Donors considering a legacy gift should speak to an advisor with appropriate tax and other expertise to implement a strategy that achieves their objectives.