The Mass: The Mystery at the Centre of Salvation.  

2018 National Catholic Mission will be posted to Daily TV Mass website and YouTube Channel

on Monday March 26th 8:00 AM Eastern Day Light Time

“The Eucharistic Celebration is much more than simple banquet: it is exactly the memorial of Jesus’ Pascal Sacrifice, the mystery at the centre of salvation every time we celebrate this Sacrament we participate in the mystery of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.” (Pope Francis, General Audience – February 5, 2014) 

We invite you to join Fr. Michael Coutts S.J. for the 2018 National Catholic Mission during Holy Week. During this Mission we will reflect on how the Mass, our Eucharistic celebration, took its present form and how participation in the Mass can be transformational.   

 PART 1: Invitation to the Lord’s Supper

We begin the Mission in the Upper Room. Here we explore how Jesus gathered his disciples around him to share his
Body and Blood, the new and everlasting covenant for that first time.

PART 2: Jesus’ Pascal Sacrifice
Pope Francis reminds us that every time we gather as a community for the Eucharistic Celebration we participate
in the mystery of the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. In Part 2 of our Mission we will explore how the
Mass developed over the centuries into the mystery at the centre of salvation.

Our Mission Leader: Fr. Michael Coutts, S.J. 

Fr. Michael Coutts, S.J. is a Jesuit belonging to the English Canada Province. Fr. Michael is a regular celebrant of the Daily TV Mass and is currently the Director of Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre.