“The devotion to the memory of the dead is one of the most beautiful expressions of the Catholic spirit.”

– Pope St. John XXIII

The Catholic Church dedicates the entire month of November to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Prayers for the faithful departed pleases God, who makes use of our prayers to help purify these souls that He loves. It is an act of charity that we can give for those we have known and loved and for those who have no one else to pray for them.

Please enter the name of the deceased person you would like to have included in our ‘Book of Remembrance’. At each mass in the month of November the celebrant will offer an intention  “for all of those mentioned in our Book of Remembrance” during the Prayers of the Faithful.

Book of

  • Elizabeth and Simon (Godfrey) David

    For the rest of the souls of Elizabeth and Simon (Godfrey) David.

  • Mary Mae & Lawrence Samsom

    For the rest of the souls Mary Mae and Lawrence Samson.

  • Shane Minihan

    Recently deceased

  • Sebastian Giampa
  • William Alberts
  • The Kirk and Hartle Families

    May they rest in peace.

  • Monica D. Chappus

    For all who have suffered with late life blindness, Dementia & died with Cancer. And Spiritual Strength to families left

  • Ken Hackett

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Romain Tisdel
  • For the reposed & loving souls of the Keith and Kelleghan Families. May they all rest in peace in God's loving arms!

  • Bernard Carbonneau, Aubert & Clara Carbonneau, Lise Lessard
  • furlong & lane families

    May their souls rest in peace.

  • Henry Tee, John Perseo Sr, Kay Hao, Mark Atienza, and to my aunts and uncles who have gone before me

    Eternal peace grant unto them o Lord and May perpetual shine upon them

  • Gregorio Reyes and Gloria Reyes

    May they Rest In Peace.

  • Rogelio S. Taneo

    May the soul of Rogelio and all souls rest in peace.

  • Alfonso & Maria de los Ángeles Arteaga; Montse Martínez; Francisco Arteaga; James McEnery; Liana Camuñas; Ramón Arteaga; Elvira Rodón;Rafael Martínez; Paquita Giralt

    May they rest in eternal peace

  • Raphael Suleman Sufyan Wawonenuo
  • Michael Lisita, Tommy Lisita, Neo Songolo

    My loved ones, Lord have Mercy. Rest in eternal Peace. Amen

  • The Cunningham Family, McCann family and McAnally family

    May they Rest In Peace amen

  • All my family, friends, relatives and those in most need of prayer.For all the faithful departed that they may soon ente

  • Wolodymyr Joulin , Ganna , Myhailo, Yaroslav, Maria , Semen from family Katziuba.
  • Claude Meilleur, Ed DeGagné,

    For the soul of the dearly departed members of our families.

  • Veronica and Marissa - wife & daughter

    May they Rest in Peace

  • Consuelo cruz, Antonio Cruz, anding, tess,nila ,all my relatives and friends and souls need prayers.

    Prayer for all the souls of departed ones.



  • Daisy

    My her soul rest in eternal peace

  • Lydia Buhat, Emilio Carbonell, Flora Buhat, Gaudencio Buhat, Manolo Plantilla

    May the souls of my dearly departed loved ones through the mercy of God rest in peace.

  • Kevin Colson

    God may grant him Heaven

  • Gracie Marie Bienvenu

    Our baby girl Rest In Peace in the healing arms of Jesus & feels no more pain & suffering.

  • Michael Geyer

    May Mike Rest In Peace and join God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • McGee & McKenna families

    May they rest in peace

  • DeMarchi & Maine family
  • Horatio

    Praying for our beloved nephew
    Horatio, Nov 3,2007- Sep 10,2017
    May he Rest In Peace. Love you & miss you. xo

  • Yvonne Fung, Dickinson Wan

    May they rest in peace and eternal happiness in heaven.

  • All my family, friends, relatives and those in most need of prayer.

    For all the faithful departed that they may soon enter Eternal Peace especially my family, friends, relatives .

  • Paulette Monarque

    For my so dear mother so that she rest in peace in the love of God

  • jennie
  • Arnaldo Sousa

    May his soul rest in peace

  • , Timoteo, Aurelia, Leoncio, Lelia, Rico, Juan Maria, Cesar, Ciano, Antonina, Dodong

    May they have eternal peace and my other deceased relatives.

  • Manickam Anthony, Teresa Anthony, Ssaverimurhu, Sumburatammal,Regina & Joesph Doss, Loudersamy,

    May their souls rest in peace.

  • Numeriano, Natividad, Marie Medel; Rolly Resurreccion and those who died of illnesses, calamities, violence, etc.

    May the good Lord receive them in His kingdom in heaven.

  • Leopold Gareau

    Repose of the soul.

  • Ireneo, Eeuteria, Josie, Corazon, Ernesto, Erlinda, Romeo, Nancy, Bobby, Dianne

    May the God of mercy grant them eternal rest and may they all rest in peace.

  • John and Mary Hanley

    Rest in peace Daddy and Mom

  • Baby Anthony, Baby Tertsua, Patience Sendem

    Souls of my Grandparents, father in-law, aborted babies, Micheal Jackson and souls in purgatory and faithful departed.

  • Pvt 1stClass Francisco Mancuso

    For your service and dedication both as a soldier and as a grandfather. Bless you.

  • The souls of those who committed suicide.

    May they rest in eternal peace.

  • The souls of priests and nuns and those who have no one to pray for them.

    May they rest in eternal peace.

  • All my relatives and friends who have died.

    May they rest in eternal peace.

  • Savera's parents, Maitha, Gerishon Ireri.

    May they rest in eternal peace.

  • Samuel Nyange and his wife, Ruth and her husband, Karaki and her husband.

    May they rest in eternal peace.

  • Reuben Kiragu, Julia Weruma, Patrick Njeru, Savera Wangui.

    May they rest in eternal peace.

  • Julian, Antwan, Bena, Sarah, friends and relatives rest in peace.
  • Peter Yurkish

    May my Dear Husband Peter Rest in peace along with his parents Stephen & Helen, my parents Joe & Helen.

  • Mena-Francisca-Magdalena-Telesforo-Euclides-grandparents-Uncles Lope, Frank, Gaudencio & cousin Sherry, relatives and friends

    That the Lord bless their souls with mercy and love and that they may see the Face of the Lord forever

  • The Schranzes, Frendos, & Miggianis

    May the souls of the deceased members of the Schranz, Frendo, and Miggiani families (Sliema) be granted eternal rest.

  • Parents, Aunts, and Uncle

    May the souls of Aunties Peggy, Louise, Lily, and Stella, and Uncle Ġuż, and Tomm and Ċmiss be granted eternal rest.

  • Doublesins and Guillaumiers

    May the souls of the departed ones of the Doublesin and Guillaumier families (Sliema and beyond), rest in peace.

  • Cumbos & Grechs

    May the souls of the departed ones of the Cumbo family, and the Grech family (Fgura, Gozo, and beyond), rest in peace.

  • Valery, Bernardette and others

    May the souls of Valery Cassar, Bernardette Baldacchino, Generoso Gatt, and George & Margaret Doublesin, rest in peace.

  • Rosario Venida Cruz and Jose S Cruz Jr

    Eternal rest grant unto their souls O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they both rest in peace. Amen.

  • Kaskiw family

    Repose of their souls

  • Kaskiw family

    Repose of their souls

  • Budz family

    Repose of their souls.


    May my Dad Joseph rest in eternal peace.

  • Frank Kaskiw, Cyril and Marie-Claire Sabourin

    Repose of our parents souls.

  • Carmel & Errett Elliott

    For the repose of the souls of my mother & father.

  • Uncle Alex, Uncle Anthony, Grandma Tina and Grandpa Everist, Grandpa Xavier and Grandma Isabella.

    May all their Souls Rest in Peace - Amen!!

  • Joaquim, Elvira & Savio Desouza

    May their Souls Rest in Peace.

  • Sofia Krista Selga, Herminia Selga and Doroteo Cruz Jr.

    May their souls rest in peace.

  • Doug Slocum

    My his soul rest in Peace

  • John and Margaret Power

    In my heart forever.Safe in the arms of Jesus

  • Maria Henriques

    Praying for the soul of my most beloved Mother, Maria da Conceição. May she rest in peace.

  • Miss Paulissen

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Unborn Deceased Babies in our Families

    May they Rest In Peace.

  • Lucy

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Elsie

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Emma

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Barbara D’Alessandro

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Armand D’Alessandro

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Jeanette Paulissen

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Paul Paulissen

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Tammy Clarke

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Mr. Kitching

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Dorothy Gifford

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Gertrude Touchette

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Roy Howard

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Grace Young

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Walter Young

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Ernie Vaughn

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Merv Tighe

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Del Eberle

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Doug Young

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Reggie Young

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Kenneth Vaughn

    May he Rest In Peace.

  • Maria Henriques

    Loving mother, wife and grandmother. We love you. Rest in Peace

  • Lauretta and Romeo and Joseph Croteau
  • Robert Harold Pottie ("Uncle Bob")

    Bob passed to his Heavenly Reward on Nov. 3, 2009. Please pray for his soul and for all the souls in Purgatory.

  • Cyril, Matilda,Susan Hogan grandparents Andrew and Veronica Wilke, Myrtle and John Hogan

    Unity and Love with the Trinity in God's kingdom

  • Leonard and Lilian Newton

    For my dear uncle and aunt recently deceased, may their souls rest in peace

  • Repose soul of Maurice Michael Lopez,Stephen Pereira, KC Wong, Mary Hendriks, Fr. Peter Kim, Fr. Leo Chang, Fr. Ponnudurai, Fr Binet

    Pray for the reposed soul of my dad, bother in law and friends.

  • Tommaso Benincasa, Giuseppina Scozzafava, Maria Antonia and Giuseppe Sacco, Domenico, Tommaso, Luigi Sacco, Angelica Scalzo, Maria Giuseppa Sacco,

    Please pray for their souls

  • Rico

    Praying for one of the best friend's a Peace Corps Volunteer had. I miss you my Homie.

  • Hank van der Zyden

    Remembering you with love from all the family.

  • All the departed in the Caira and Cervi families

    May they all rest in peace and always be remembered and loved.

  • Antonio Caira

    Rest in peace and continue to look out for your family.

  • Alice Klein

    My Grandmother Alice Klein

  • Badia, Subastian, Ball, Migliore and Rosemann Family Members.

    For our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and brother-in-law through God's mercy, Rest In Peace.

  • Mom Carolyn Slocum

    Please Pray for My Mom

  • All my relations and friends

    All my family, friends, and neighbours who have died.

  • Simeon Faulkner

    Please pray for my childhood friend who died from a possible suicide.

  • Lynn Davies

    For my friend I ask for your prayers as she died so unprepared.

  • Gerard Lee

    For the soul of my deceased Dad I ask for prayers.

  • Mrs.Preshila crastha & Mrs.Esebela Banz

    Pray for the souls of my mother & grandmother

  • David G. and Flora J. Greyeyes-Steele

    For my parents, David G. and Flora J. Greyeyes-Steele, may God grant them eternal rest. For my ancestors and relatives.

  • Gregory, Mabel, Julie, Remmie, Sandra and Arthur

    in remembrance of my departed Dad, Mum, Sister in Law and Brother, Sister and Brother in Law.

  • Jean R> Langley

    May she be resting in Heaven with our Lord. Always be remembered and loved.

  • Lakeram

    For my father who passed away 6 years ago. May he rest in peace.
    He will be forever remembered and missed.

  • Walter & Waltraut Schmidt

    Dear Lord Jesus, please have mercy on the souls of my beloved grandparents. May they be granted peace & eternal life.

  • John Moro, Gianni Benedetto, Dwyla McCann, Angie Pandolfo, Gayle Plexman, Helen Carr, Renaldo Bianchini, Karen Werry, Virginio & Amalia Pevato, Vitorio & Katina Dozzi, Tito Simonato, Raymond & Denise Deoni

    For their peaceful repose.

  • Thelma Thompson

    Rest in Peace Grandma I miss you so much

  • Leo and Jean Hudder and their deceased relatives and Ambrose and Annie Recoskie and their deceased relatives

    We pray that our parents and their loved ones enjoy eternal life and rest in peace.

  • Michael Garramone; Maura Garramone; Tony and Elizabeth Garramone and family; Estelle and Bill Forstner and family; Edward and Alice Chludzinski and family

    All the Souls in Purgatory; All the Souls who have no one to pray for them

  • Lucie Roy


  • Rita,Wilfred and Jacinta Penny

    Praying for the souls of my Mom Rita, Dad Wilfred and sister Jacinta. May their souls rest in peace. Amen

  • Exaltation John D'Souza

    Please pray for the soul of my beloved husband who passed away suddenly on
    Mar 21, 2017 that he may rest in peace.

  • Antonio Carvalho, Sylvester & Olga D'Souza , D'Souza and Carvalho Family and friends

    Please pray for the souls of my dear Father, In-laws and all my departed family and friends . R.I.P.

  • Pablo Llort

    Repose of the soul. Much beloved father and grandfather.

  • Thomas B. Prince

    For my loving father, may he rest in peace.

  • Line Levesque

    Please pray for the soul of my beloved daughter Line Levesque, she passed away on February 2lst, 2015.

  • Alexander, Lilly Alexander, Benoit, VA Josephine, Manuel Pillai, Maryamma, The uncles, aunties, Gloria Karner, Larry, and all those who have no one to remember them.

    God grant the souls and all the souls in purgatory peace and the gift of Your Holy Countenance.

  • Deceased members of McNamara & Mitchell families

    Vincent & Margaret McNamara
    Brian, Bill McNamara
    Lois Lee
    Moira Mitchell Doyle
    Michael Mitchell

  • Departed Family and Friends
    Our departed Military

  • Angie; Tony; Anna & Bruno; Steve & Bernice; Steve & Maria; Grandparents;e

    May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.
    The souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them.

  • Lenore & Daniel McCauley, Rose & Jim McCauley, John McCauley, Edna & Bill Lang, Hugh Joseph Canning, Bill Lang, Edward Lang, Paul & Anne Lang, Brennan Lang, Mary Lang Gubbles

    Praying for the souls of my most beloved Father and Mother, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousin and my soul mate.

  • Alexander James Fernandez

    For the repose of my husband's soul and for all the souls in purgatory.

  • My husband Gerry and the De Koning and Soek family and friends

    That they may Rest In Peace.

  • Thomas Schaan, Vera Schaan, Moe Valade.

    Pray for the souls of the departed Father, mother, and Father inlaw

  • Regina and Jolyon Frames Sr

    Please remember my mom and dad. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

  • Olivo Pevato, Monica & Joe Biscaro, Aldo & Romona Tarini, Tony Biscaro, Rose Dozzo, David Dube
  • Esperanza Nacua, Cosette Lauro

    For the most brave, selfless, forgiving, and charitable souls who m I owe half of my life to. Eternal rest.

  • Richard S. Zurbano; Orlando Maduro Ar

    We pray for the souks of Richard and Orly. Receive them in your kingdom Lord. Please forgive their faults and failures.

  • Rose Nye and Alan Nye

    Rest in peace

  • Pete Sanchez

    Lord, I ask you to have mercy on my dads soul, may he rest in peace. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Mary Aquilina

    For my mother that she Rest In Peace. May she watch over us,till we meet again

  • Albert Coutu and Alivia Vanderklei

    Alivia died at the age of 4 in 2010 from Cancer and her grandfather died a year later it 2911.

  • Mario Manalad Sr.; Carmelito Garcia; Mauro, Anita & Arsenia Manalad; Leocadia & Leoncio Dela Cruz

    Book of Remembrance

  • Benedetto Crolla

    For the peaceful repose of the soul of my husband and our daughters' father. May Benny live forever in the Glory of God.

  • Jean-Maurice Brunet

    Remember him, my husband, who died in January, 2016. May he rest in peace!

  • Joselito D. Nastor, Sr.
  • Fortunato Matibag. Borlongan, Ester Ronquillo Borlongan

    Praying for the souls of my father and mother. May God forgive them of their sins and bring them to everlasting life.

  • Mariano and Eligia

    Rest in peace

  • Elizabeth & Frank Corrigan
  • Rick
  • Amma
  • Carole and Jim Walsh